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When it comes to buying gifts during the holidays, it can be hard to get creative. Avid fitness fans, (whether they’re into CrossFit or running) are especially hard to buy for since they seem to have all the latest gear. Which is why it’s helpful to have a curated list of ideas from people who’ve tried and tested the gifts IRL. And if you’re shopping for someone who’s into fitness — there’s no better opinion to have than those whose literal job is to work out and help people stay fit: personal trainers. 

All of the products below were carefully chosen by fitness trainers. These are the products that they not only swear by to make staying healthy and fit easier (and more enjoyable), but also what they plan to give as gifts this year.

“One of my favorite items to give someone that trains at home is a pull-up bar. They’re affordable, easy to assemble and fit most door frames. It makes getting a back workout at home easy and convenient. By simply switching your grip/hand position on the bar, you’re able to target the desired muscles with ease. 

For those that may just be starting out, some body weight can be removed by using bands until they are strong enough to do the exercise unassisted. There are many models to choose from.” 

— Heather Marr, celebrity fitness trainer


“For the friend always on the go traveling, suspension trainers are a gift they’re sure to use. They’re lightweight, portable and make getting a workout in anywhere, anytime possible. Using suspension trainers, you’re able to perform a variety of exercises targeting muscles from the whole body. 

Whether your friend does full body, push/pull or split training, they’ll be able to use this equipment for any and all of their training splits. The TRX All In One Suspension Training System is a popular choice. It includes a workout guide as well, just in case your friend isn’t familiar with the system/exercises.”

— Heather Marr 


“I love anything Nike Tech since it’s super fashionable and functional. I love gifting apparel and it helps people feel good going into the gym when they have some new gear.”

— Kevin Mejia, fitness trainer

Intelligent Change

“Practicing daily gratitude is proven to improve your overall physical and mental health, self-esteem and how you treat others. The Five Minute Journal makes journaling fun with quotes and challenges and it really only takes 5 minutes! This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to start journaling, who constantly talks about work stress or someone who would love to enhance their life in general.”

— Sarah Randall, yoga instructor at Y7

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