If you have a gamer in your life, it can be hard to know exactly what to get them as a gift. The first step is to figure out what platform they’re playing on. If it’s a PlayStation 4, you’re in luck. Here are some gifts they’ll love while they spend the next year waiting for the PlayStation 5.

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 01 – Outer Worlds

The latest game from Obsidian Entertainment, creators of the original Fallout games and Fallout: New Vegas, has all the hallmarks of the studio’s renowned game design. It’s a richly detailed role-playing game (RPG) that responds dynamically to just about every decision the player makes—even if they decide to indulge in pure chaos. Ultimately, it’s a game with an anticapitalist message that also likes to put you to work.

Berry Blue Dualshock controller
Photograph: Sony

02 – Sony DualShock 4 Controller (Many Colors)

Even as the default option, Sony’s official PlayStation controller is always a solid addition to a player’s arsenal. They haven’t exactly reinvented the joystick or anything, but now it comes with an expanded color palette (Electric purple! Blue camouflage! Magma!) that can be tailored to fit any gamer’s aesthetic. You can choose the different color options from the drop-down menu, and just note that prices fluctuate a little.

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03 – Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man

What’s better than swinging around from building to building like Spider-Man? Doing so from the comfort of your couch. Playing as the comic book crusader, this game lets you do all the things Spidey can: Sling webs, fight outlandish villains, and, uh, take selfies. Grab the game-of-the-year (GOTY) edition to snag the extra content that’s come out since the game’s release.

PowerA Dualshock 4 charging station

Photograph: PowerA

04 – PowerA DualShock 4 Charging Station

With all those extra controllers, your giftee will need somewhere to stash them. This compact stand lets them stow and charge two controllers at a time. It’s great to have an extra controller at the ready in case a friend shows up IRL, or when the main controller runs out of juice.

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05 – Sony Ericsson PlayStation Plus Gift Card (1 Year)

This is one of those humdrum gaming necessities anyone with a PS4 will appreciate. You can’t play online games without PlayStation Plus, so this will open up whole new components of the games they already play, or allow them to keep grinding away on the ones they have for another year. As gifts go, this is the socks of this list: boring but practical, and much appreciated in the long run.

a zombielike character

Photograph: Borderlands 3

06 – Gearbox Borderlands 3

The third installment of the acclaimed co-op first-person-shooter RPG splatterfest series is chaos at its overwhelming best. Featuring new character classes and a variety of worlds to explore (and loot), this is all the excessive fun Borderlands is known for. New cooperative elements, like individual difficulty levels and personalized loot drops for each player, make playing with others smoother than ever. If you’re looking to get a game for someone who enjoys both juvenile humor and ultraviolence, this is the one.

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