You may not registered your newly-wedded mates, or simply want a customized engagement gift from your favorite pair that’s completely exclusive, so they didn’t even know they wanted it. Those carefully curated gift ideas won’t disappoint from wine aficionados’ cadeaux to their cousins who swear by the zodiac, booksome lovebirds, plant breeders, cheese addicts and candle connoisseurs. Or the bank splits… mostly.

Create Your Own Terrarium Kit

You’re familiar with what the expression … The pair growing together stay with each other. Give them a package for their first baby plant to recall their flowering love (and every cheesy metaphor you can think of).

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

They have definitely collected countless concert tickets, cards, wine corks in their marriage … You name it. You name it. This custom box provides you with a place to store your sweet memories.

Agate Cheese Board

This cheese board comes in several quartz shades and is perfect for the couple who enjoy the accommodation. O, cheese, too.

Personalized Doormat

All right, so it’s a little less subtle than, say, candlesticks holders; this will reveal that they’re freshly minted to the world to a couple who loves a good Monogram.

Customized Ring Dish

Just add your initials and the date of your marriage (if you have one) to make this trinket a new favorite.