It’s so easy to get wrapped up (pun intended) in shopping during the holiday season — and it can be hard to know when to stop. Unfortunately, the thrown-away paper, plastic packaging and endless delivery boxes are not great for the environment. To help you stay sustainable this season, Insider has rounded up 19 ideas for gifts that go a little easier on our planet.

A sturdy jacket of denim.

The brand Denim FRAME aims to become more socially aware and green, recreating its most common designs using raw materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester with a line of sustainable denim.

Find it here for $330.

A Transparent Sound speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker from the Swedish audio brand Transparent Sound can look sleek, but it has also been designed to last and be “passed on through generations.” The designers claim to have “modular and easy to repair selected materials,” including a single “uniframe” aluminum and tempered glass panels, and each component can be upgraded as new technology is launched, so you’re never going to be able to repair them.

Find it here for $550.

An indoor garden – self-watering

Say goodbye to the plastic packaging grocery store herbs that you only use half of them before throwing them away.

Give your self-watering Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9 the gift of fresh food and flowers in your home or office— no gardening skills required.

Click & Grow Company came up with the concept after citing studies, which it says shows indoor plants improving health through consumption, as well as reducing stress, improving air quality, and overall happiness. Nature, after all, is known to have a lot of benefits for us.

Find it here for $110.

A cushion made of plastic recycled filler

Poodle & Blonde cushions, instead of feather or wool, are made with recycled plastic bottle filler — but they are still very stylish.

The cushions are made from zero animal products, made in the UK but sold worldwide, helping to keep the carbon footprint small.

Find it here for $148.

Recycled rubber soles sneakers

Sneaker company Primury makes shoes with rubber soles that are partially recycled as well as some models that are completely vegan.

To avoid waste, there are also limited amounts of the material.

Find them here for $205.

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